Develop the process to assure that the Incoming Sites Inspection process is prevention oriented to assure that construction defects are identified and communicated promptly to avoid delays and/or downtime in the installation process

- Report quality concerns to PM in a timely manner

- Maintain QC Task List; assignments must be relevant, on-schedule and completed in a timely manner.

- Use in-House software and tablet for tracking and monitor construction Team Members performance measures (e.g., safety, attendance, productivity) to provide timely feedback and assure proper countermeasures if applicable.

- Review with Team Members the internal production attribute job lists of defects.  Work with Assistant Manager, Quality Control to assist in determining root cause of recurring problems and generate proposals for appropriate/applicable countermeasures.

- Review external supplier attribute materials and defects. Work with Assistant Manager, Quality Control to develop an effective system and proposed permanent countermeasures are applied in accordance with company requirements.

- Work with contractors to develop and implement robust countermeasures that will eliminate recurrence.

- Develop special inspections and checks to prevent the delivery of defective jobs.

- Conducting employee education, training and development sessions as needed

- Problem Solving using root cause analysis and providing solutions that prevent recurrence of job installation failures.