Question 1. Why should I choose directional drilling over open cutting?

HDD equipment requires a relatively short set-up time; a mini rig can be set up and start boring within an hour. Labor requirements are minimal, as it only takes a small crew to operate a small drilling rig. The need for traditional excavation during horizontal directional drilling is minimal or non-existent.  In open areas, directional drilling is an efficient was to cross rivers, highways, railroad tracks, even active airplane runways, without major disruptions to traffic or costs for traffic management. In crowded urban areas, horizontal directional drilling is increasingly viewed as "the preferred technology" because:

- Surface disruption is minimized.

-Restauration Cost (Roads, Infrastructure) are minimized.

-Less Impact on residents and business.

-Minimizes the need for earth removal and the long-term cost of trench settlement.

Question 2. How do I know your company is qualified to do the job?

As horizontal directional drilling specialists, A&A Cable Contractors, Inc. has more than 20 years of experience and all necessary equipment for making trenchless installations for a wide range of clients from telecommunications, electrical, natural gas, water mains, and other utility services. Project requirements have ranged from placing 1 1/4"-inch single-conduit material to 24-inch pipe. A&A Cable Contractors Inc. specializes in the utility industry and is the leader in utility installation directional drilling (horizontal directional drilling) in Texas since 1995

Question 3. What is you Company productivity Installation capabilities?

A&A Cable Contractors Inc, with Headquarters at 12210 Ann Lane Houston, Texas 77064, has 20000 ft/day fiber cable installation capabilities and continuing with the master plan to be the leader in utility installation with directional drilling (horizontal directional drilling) in Texas for years to come.

Question 4. Does your company have work performance warranty?

A&A Cable Contractors Inc IS A LICENSED, INSURED, BONDED Directional Boring Contractor that exercises care in SAFETY first in all projects with installation production KPI's (Key performance indicators) using in-house high-tech tools for quality assurance and quality control services. In turn, A&A Cable Contractors Inc, provides critical support toward successful completion of projects, and successful relationship in general. A&A Cable Contractors Inc is committed to developing key personnel through shared training, enhanced expertise, performance measurements, challenging standards, and high industry exposure with installation of fiber optic telecommunications and utilities networks.

Question 5. Does you company insured, Licensed and Bonded?

A&A Cable Contractors Inc IS A LICENSED, INSURED, BONDED Directional Boring Contractor.

Question 6. Does your company provide emergency repair and maintenance?

At A&A, we are experienced in new construction and ongoing maintenance. A&A has a fast response team of rapidly responding to the needs of our variety of clients.


In our region is known for it’s wide variety of weather-related outages. A&A is experienced in responding quickly to the repair and maintenance our customer’s assets.