As horizontal directional drilling specialists, A&A Cable Contractors, Inc. has extensive experience and all necessary equipment for making trenchless installations for a wide range of clients from telecommunications electrical, natural gas, water mains, and other utility services. Project requirements have ranged from placing 2-inch single-conduit material to 24-inch pipe.

A&A Cable Contractors, Inc. Management Team:

      1.       Oversee the change management process. 

2.     Efficient and cost-effective scheduling of projects; manage overall project planning, scheduling and resource allocation providing technical direction and ensuring compliance with quality standards.

3.     Ensure that project timelines are met.

4.     Responsible for overseeing the project accounting and cost control necessary to deliver against project projections.  Optimize asset utilization and ensure efficient use of inventory while meeting customer requirements. 

5.     Utilize data-driven performance measurements for key process indicators (KPIs) and incorporate employee involvement and metric ‘visualization’ and reporting techniques to monitor performance to goals. Continuously strive to improve work process simplicity and performance.

6.     Visit project sites as required to achieve the preceding accountabilities are achieved.

7.     Demonstrate and facilitate open and honest communication at all levels with Clients. Communicate regularly within the department on appropriate matters and with peer managers across the company.

8.     Support the Preconstruction process including assisting with developing detailed schedules and scope of work 

9.     Maintain a thorough understanding of contract documents 

10.  Manage all construction operation to achieve optimum performance 

11.  Review and understand material budgets and purchase orders 

12.  Review and understand equipment budgets and negotiate rental rates 

13.  Monitor project costs and identify areas for improvement 

14.  Provide leadership in quality process and safety and accident prevention programs 

15.  Chair weekly subcontractor coordination meetings 

16.  Issue and maintain short term schedules 

17.  Assist Project field EAC (Engineering authorized Change/DCN (Design Change Notices) drawing and RFI Submittal process 

18.  Verify drawings are kept current and update superintendent of any changes

19.  Subcontractor management

20.  Supervise completion of all punch lists for turnover (As built) / Record drawings